Infoganda & the Withering of Scepticism

A free, vigorous and sceptical press has long been considered the underpinning of a truly democratic form of government because, without a continuous stream of accurate factual information on current events, citizens cannot know whether the government they voted for is working well and in the best interests of their country and the world at large. Is the American press still doing its job? …..

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Biscuits & Morals

Evidence is emerging that doctors and medical scientists are involved in the coercive interrogation of suspected terrorists detained in US facilities in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere. Is a core value of Western civilization being undermined by how the war on terror is being conducted? …..

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The Big Change

A new society is emerging around the world, a new type of economy based on knowledge. This new society is well-nigh upon folks in the West. Hereabouts and elsewhere it is just around the corner. Perhaps a suitable topic for after-Iftar discussions in Kuwait would be the implications for social and economic planning and development …..

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Then, Now & Tonight

I left Kuwait for Baghdad by road on December 18th 1990. I returned in the summer of 1991 by air. The country was a veritable shambles when I left. Less than eight months later it was still wrecked. Though the roads had been cleared little had as yet been rebuilt. In the decade since then Kuwait has been restored, and is now reforming itself for globalization ….. 

….. by Paul D Kennedy

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