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These articles and stories by Paul D Kennedy cover a diverse range of topics childhood memories, Arabic folk tales, war, technological and economic change, the rise of China, Israeli-American relations, politics, the war between America and Russia in Ukraine, investigative journalism, information technology, Jihadis and female suicide bombers, the Islamic veil, democracy in the Middle East, Arabic culture, life-styles in Kuwait some humorous, some caustic, but most written with verve, style, wit and a degree of understanding.

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On Ukraine, Africa and Israel

Fake News – Babies beheaded by Hamas Qassem Brigade

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Life in Kuwait

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Paul D Kennedy is a business consultant and writer with extensive experience in the Middle East. A short-story prize winner, he was the founding editor of Kuwait this month. His book Doing Business with Kuwait (Kogan Page, London, 1997 and 2004) is the definite guide to that country. Paul’s Arabic Tales for the young and the curious (http://www.arabic-tales.com), a recreation of Arab folk myths, is available on Amazon.

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